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Memories Made Easy

I've been reading a lot about being happy lately and I came across an article that said displaying personal pictures helps make you happier. That made me look at my own house and realize that the only people in any pictures are Jesus (my mom gave me a big framed pic of Him when I moved in- kind of a funny story that maybe I'll share sometime) and little tiny pictures ...

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Plan For Spontaneity

Planning for spontaneity may sound like an oxymoron, but I've had some of the most fun in my entire life completely on a whim. Skinny dipping is just one such instance that can turn from a crazy idea into one of the most memorable nights you've ever had. Where you can actually act on any crazy idea you might dream up because you have worked hard - so that you can ...

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Bath Crayons Aren’t Just For Kids: Why Every Adult Should Have Bath Crayons Too

A lot of my family came over this weekend and was wondering what the heck these were sitting in my bathroom. They're homemade bath crayons, of course! The next question out of their mouths, was why a 30 year old woman without any kids, is making bath crayons for herself? Showers are my 'me time'. My place of serenity. It's where I do most of my thinking, so I ...

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