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Relationships: Leave the Past Behind

My boyfriend and I (pictured below on our birthday trip to Amsterdam) just hit our one and a half year anniversary. It seems like we've been together a lot longer just because we're so comfortable with each other. Even our friends think we've been together for years! Now, being together this long and being super comfortable isn't the issue. The problem with all of ...

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Lessons Learned From First Toastmasters Speech

As noted in a previous post, I joined Toastmasters about a month ago and had a hard time writing my first Ice Breaker speech. I'm happy to tell you that I survived! Despite writing my speech the day before giving it and practicing it on my commute to and from work, my evaluator (who has been in Toastmasters for over 35 years) said it was the best Ice Breaker speech ...

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What Online Ads Say About You

Story is no longer the selling point for advertising execs and agencies anymore. Online advertising as a percentage of overall advertising budgets, has continued to rise steadily over the years, according to This is because more people are spending time online where advertisers can do a way better job of only paying to advertise to their extremely narrow ...

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