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Problems With DIY

Gutting my house and remodeling it primarily by myself and help from some loving family members, has taught me a lot about why you should hire contractors. Here are some common sayings and how they have proven to be true for DIY projects: You are your harshest critic. There are cut lines, or seams, in my baseboard and I am the only one that notices it apparently. ...

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How a 5k Boosted My Self-Confidence

My sister and I just did one of those 5k races through the mud with a bunch of obstacles, this one was called the Rugged Maniac. In preparation for the race, I of course did not follow the recommended training schedule but did my own thing...which included drinking for 3 days straight in Vegas the week before the race! Needless to say I was pretty nervous come ...

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Thank you, Toastmasters!

A few weeks ago I decided that I was going to start writing the speech of my life, even if I don't have anybody to present it to yet. This has been my mission ever since and it has now led me to joining Toastmasters. As I'm writing my first Icebreaker Speech, I realize how much I dislike talking about myself. Sure, I can do it in conversations very easily, but to ...

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